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Why should I donate?

Like all charities we need financial support to help us achieve our goals.

We are committed to transparency and openness and as a donor we will tell you where your money will go .We will be in regular contact with you to let you know how we're doing and there will be opportunities for you to get involved and directly impact our thinking.

Your money will:

  • Support a movement which is attempting to restore compassionate values to the centre of children's education and in so doing help develop a legacy and a world which is fit for them to live in
  • Help pay the charity's modest and allowable costs that support the voluntary services we offer
  • Contribute to the publication of our termly bulletin, articles and allow us to keep our national and international networks up to date
  • Help provide some of the matched funding that funders often seek before they offer to finance you
  • Be placed in pot of money that we hope to allocate to support compassionate projects designed, delivered and evaluated by young people themselves.


If you would like to contribute please send a cheque to:
CoEd Foundation
62 Handsworth Wood Road
Birmingham B20 2D
United Kingdom

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