One example of the support that CoED can offer schools is the production of occasional 'Think Pieces' which can act as resources for teachers who may wish to develop some work with children in their schools. These are not necessarily teaching resources or planning kits (most teachers are perfectly capable of doing that); the idea is that the papers will give some background and rationale which illustrate the logic of addressing issues. The so called 'migrant crisis' affecting Europe is a good place to start.

At CoED we hope that reading the Think Piece will provoke discussion and through that you will have confidence to do what seems appropriate for you and your school and pupils. You might gain some ideas of how to move forward and some tangible suggestions of how difficult and controversial issues can link to work that we already do in school.

If nothing else, the Think Piece will help you to consider the wider role of teachers as one of the consciences of society. We are not charging for the think pieces but we are a tiny charity that is staffed largely by volunteers, many of whom finance the charity out of their own pockets. So we are asking that each person who reads the materials donate whatever they can-even if it is as little as a pound, which if you gift aid it gives us £1.20.


Think Piece No.1

Think Piece No. 1 | December 2015 - Refugees

Our children see images in the media almost daily of people, many their own age or younger, as they make perilous and confusing journeys with their families in the search for a better future. The oldest pupils in our primary schools must have many questions about what they see. Is it the role of schools to address these questions or do we leave children to be influenced by media or prejudice in their own community? If we were to offer a compassionate outlook in our education, wouldn't this be one of the natural areas for consideration?

Download the Think Piece No. 1 | December 2015 - Refugees
and the Planning Sheet (pdf)