Gilroy Brown and Maurice Coles specialise in this area and over the years have undertaken numerous inspection and reviews of SMSC, and more recently have placed this within the context of Fundamental British Values. The latest OFSTED changes are unequivocal: you cannot be judged as good or outstanding unless you meet stringent criteria in this area. CoED therefore offers a flexible package of review and support which ranges from a one-day health check undertaken by them both, to a negotiated bespoke model that suits your school's needs.

The consultancy involves the reading and analysis of the schools documentation including the SIP, the SEF, Safeguarding, Pupil Voice Provision and other policies. It includes close working with the SMT, Compassionate Learning Walks, and interviews with senior staff and pupils. The Health Check begins and ends with SMT, some of whom are actively involved throughout as part of the self-evaluation process. The school is provided with verbal feedback on the day and then a written report outlining strengths and weaknesses and detailing 'Even better if...'

Our tried and tested model is based upon these principles: it is interactive, co-created, facilitated, triangulated, and aims to build your capacity. For more details contact our SMSC/FBV Manager, Gilroy Brown at, or Maurice Coles at