During December 2015, we ran a series of Positive Interfaith Workshops that were delivered with three local schools in Handsworth Wood, to discuss local matters that affect them and why? The schools involved were at Holyhead Academy, Nishkam Primary School and Nishkam Secondary School.

The workshops were funded by the Near Neighbours scheme as a continuation of our local partnership with St Andrews Church. We agreed to and adapted the 'Birmingham Conversations' model used by the adult forum during 2015.

A focus group approach supported by visual activities was used with pupils to share what they thought their local issues were and what the solutions might for these. These workshops aim to develop compassionate characteristics and instil positive values in pupils.

In the report there is a concise collection of what matters/issues pupils shared and their evaluation of the session. This report has been forwarded for consideration in the Casey Review by the funding body.