Sacred Spaces


Sacred Spaces is a creative arts project that engages pupils to explore and learn about local faith spaces. Common features of local faiths are explored during visits, whilst pupils work with artists to develop their individual creative skills.

Bringing together the context of faith spaces through a creative approach, enables pupils to participate in alternative learning. Our project will challenge the perceptions pupils may have of other faith groups to their own, and will enable them to have a better understanding.


Sacred Spaces is available within the following art forms:
Storytelling, Making, Photography, Stain Glass, Mosaic, Animation, Dance, Music.
Our project supports the following curriculum subjects:
SMSC, History, Arts, Literacy & R.E

This project is available for pupils from Key stage 2 to 4.


Pupils will:

  • Research and explore local faith spaces of local community backgrounds
  • Use the select Art Form with the HEART model to discuss themes such as Heritage, Environment, Architecture, Rituals, Traditions
  • Have a better understanding of the commonalities in their local faith communities
  • Learn about the history of local faith spaces
  • Develop their creative skills
  • Participate in a sharing event presentation for peers

For more information read our Sacred Spaces Project Report

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